Thursday, August 8, 2013

Everyday Hello- Check It Out

Okay, get ready for a proud mom post.
I am very proud of all my kids!
Let me tell you about something Danielle's been up to since her accident.

When she was out of commission she decided to start a business making greeting cards. She opened a shop on ETSY, an online market place. You can buy handmade and vintage goods there. She is calling it EVERYDAY HELLO.

In her shop you can buy an original card or order a custom card for a special occasion. Here are a few that she has created.

 She went through a lot to get this business up and running. She had to create the online shop, register with MA and apply to be able to collect tax, she created a blog to accompany the site, and obviously had to make all the product. Each one of these steps was a huge ordeal. She figured:I have the time...

Please check out her site if you've never been there, Click the Everydayhello link below..

If you'd like to purchase a card go to her Etsy Shop (Click HERE) and use this coupon code to get 10% off of an order :) 
CoffeeAndCats10off (expires Sept. 8th)

I'm very proud of Danielle for taking a tragic time in her life and making it into something good. Read her bio on the site :)

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